Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentine's day crafts

I will soon be in charge of weekly crafts at my branch so I am searching high and low for crafts. Thank goodness for the internet. Here is a selection of crafts that I will do at my branch's Valentine's Day program next month.

This heart headgear/crown should be a hit with the young ones. Their parents will have to help them somewhat with the sticking and /or stapling it together. A model of this is sure to serve as a visual enticement for the little ones. They are going to want one "just like that".

Animals made of hearts, how cool is that?! I did this craft last year and it was a huge hit. Some pre-cutting and preparation is needed though as you need to cut the big hearts for the ears as well as the small hearts for the flair and the trunk.

I must have been really amped about Valentine's Day last year because I also did this craft (to great critical acclaim I might add. Using paper plates and pre-cut hearts in different colors I made a love fish. The little ones really loved this one.

Toddler Valentine Craft

I submitted this huge button heart to the craft committee at work. On a piece of plain canvas I used glue and stuck various buttons on. I first traced a heart shape lightly in pencil so I would have lines to follow. I did find however that the buttons as they accumulated began to make it look bulky but the overall effect of the pink hearts on the white or off-white canvas was very nice.

Below is a smaller version of the craft that you can use if you find yourself pressed for time.

Cards for the big day are all the rage but this card not only allows you to put your own touches on it but when it is opened it gives a cool 3d effect that is sure to wow your special someone.

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