Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Superhero kids songs

I posted last week about books that could accompany this summer's superhero reading theme. So today I wanted to select some songs that could be used for programs or story times that went along with that theme.

This song is a good one for story time because it has lots of actions that change in each (short) verse. The video has Ms Shukla singing the lyrics and some exuberant kids doing the actions she describes. The song also emphasizes the message of friendship so I like that especially. I would definitely use this one in a story time or program.

This song is not the fastest, the lyrics aren't particularly giggle-inducing and the graphics are very low tech BUT the words are displayed and can be used for karaoke style sing alongs. Words on a screen solve a problem of having to have kids learn words, printing words on story sheets (that half the parents won't read anyway). So for this reason I will include it on this list.

This song can be used in school and in other programs because it incorporates numbers. It is catchy enough and the graphics are attractive enough that they won't turn off younger ones.

I found Pancake Manor when I was searching for some songs for my own children and I like their style (it's vaguely reminiscent of the Imagination Moviers or the Aquabats). The video features quirly puppets and cute kids in diy costumes

Here are some cool superhero theme songs from yesteryear. Spiderman, Batman are absolute classics (and make cool ringtones also) and although I am not sure if they are superheros per se the Ghostbusters theme is a classic and very catchy also.

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