Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vacation bible school crafts

   The kids are out of school and for many the summer months are a good time to learn a little more about the Christian faith. Songs, games and other group activities are always a large part of this. Crafts are cool and the good thing about them is that they can be modified or adjusted according to the skill level of the kids.

For this door hanger, used cds are perfect. Add some decorations, color and a verse of scripture of your choice and voila!

Some scriptures are so powerful that reading them every day can provide a level of comfort. Little ones can make their own praying hands complete with scripture. I think for this one you can have the kids trace their hands or if not then they can use a template.

Also since most of the kids will probably have on flip-flops or sandals anyway you might as well do a foot scripture.  I am thinking that you can get the kids to trace their foot on a piece of construction paper or some other sturdy material, cut it out and then decorate it. For extra longevity you can laminate it as well.

A VBS camp craft list would not be complete without a cross of some sort and I found two that I like. This one is made out of construction paper and regular paper. You can print the verses on the colored paper or have the kids write  those out before pasting them on the cross.

This second cross is really simple as well and you can use pallets of different sizes for this. The kids can color them with markers (paint is really messy) and then paste colored beads, buttons or some other embellishment on it. They come out really nice.

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