Monday, January 12, 2015

Learn to play an instrument

Many people have New Year's resolutions and chief among them are learning to play an instrument. In story times songs on a cd are cool but sometimes the volume is too high or low, a low quality radio wrecks the sound or the cd itself skips. There is something about a singer/performer that just gets the crowd moving and grooving. With this in mind I have resolved to learn the ukelele so I thought I would find as many resources as I could that could help with this. So without further ado here are some resources I found:

                                                 Five effective strumming patterns

                                                      Ukulele for dummies

                                              How to play really easy ukulele part 1

                                             How to play easy ukulele part 1a

The ukulele may not be everyone's cup of tea and so another "easy" instrument to learn is the drum. Drums are a really easy to pick up and can be an integral part of story times, library cultural celebrations and so forth.

Djembe drums are from West Africa and capture attention when they are played. Also I have met few people who can't help shake an arm, leg or other body part when the drums start playing.

Here is another teacher giving his version of beginner Djembe drum patterns

I heard that some folks in my library system plan on giving a ukulele workshop this summer so I may revisit this blog post in a few months time. Whatever instrument that you decide to play however, know that lots of practice will be required before you achieve mastery.

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