Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fake ID by Lamar Giles

Fake ids are a big thing in our country for so many reasons. People use them to work legally and to get into clubs and bars to drink. I know of a few people that have used these things to get into night clubs and other places. I have never thought about someone who was forced for various reasons to adopt a new identity.

This is the case with Nick whose dad can't seem to keep out of trouble and so the family is moved around many times by the Federal Witness protection program. Nick goes through the motions at his new school trying to stay low but immediately meets a boy called Eli and his sister Reya. He gravitates towards them both-for different reasons- and ends up spending a lot of time with Eli who is a quirky but kind kid. Things take a deadly turn however when Eli is found dead in the school's newspaper office. As Nick tries to solve the mystery it becomes clear that there is a larger problem going on in the down and the web of secrets is stickier than he could have imagined.

The novel centers on twin narratives, one is the larger issue of the sinister events in the town but Nick is also dealing with family unrest. His parents' relationship (strained no doubt by countless moves) is on shaky ground and he fears that either one of his parents could bail on the family at any time. Apart from the more serious, criminal aspects of the novel Nick is also African American although this fact is not mentioned many times in the narrative and truth be told we forget about it except a few times when this fact influences the plot. This protagonist is one that happens to be African American and not an African American protagonist.

Overall this was a good read and due to some language and the heavy thematic content I would recommend this for ages 14+

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