Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fishy craft

This week's craft is one that I saw on an image search on Google. I decided to do these fishes because the theme I was going for this week in story time was summer so I thought summer -fishes, hey why not. Here is how I went about doing them:

1. I got a big handful of foam triangles in all colors and sizes and some blue construction paper
2. I placed them together first before gluing them together that way I can see if the triangles fit together in a fairly realistic way
3. I glue the triangles together and then add dots with a fine tip marker and use either really small triangles for the gills or cut and shape a triangle for this purpose

I was able to corral a wide age range of kids into the meeting room to work on these and one of them even reported that he had stopped playing a pc game for a while just to come and complete some fishes (wow!). The kids were entertained for at least 20-25 minutes and some looked at me like they wanted to make more (I would have let them but I had to finish up to do another library task).

Here is my version, the kids took theirs away before I could take pics of them :(

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