Friday, July 10, 2015

Dance Party at the Library! pt. 1

     Dance Parties are all the rage now at libraries as a fun way to get kids in the door (thereby boosting entrance numbers). You would be surprised how many people who normally do not frequent libraries would attend these programs.  I wanted to find some songs that would work for kids of all ages. Most libraries advertise these parties for ages 5 and up but sometimes a parent may bring a  ten or eleven year old too who might be rolling their eyes at the baby stuff.

This song is repetitive and rather silly but kids love it! Who would think that a buck-toothed gummy bear jumping around and being silly would be attractive to the little ones eh.  If you have not heard this song before I give you the Gummy Bear song.


     The Wiggles' lineup has changed somewhat in the twenty plus or so years they have been active. Their new songs are as catchy as ever and work well in you have a projector or smartboards creen as the little ones can see how to do the songs. actions described. Propeller is a fun interactive song

This Wiggles song is called Say the Dance and is one of those songs that says the name of the dance and kids can do the actions described. This song has statue, belt buckle shine and so forth.

   This is one of the older Wiggles songs called Do the Monkey. This one is catchy because it has the actions and the sounds as well. I have listened to this song countless times in my car and I still am not tired of it. 

   Laurie Berkner is performing here in Denver this weekend and I think it is a testament to her great musical style and fun demeanor. I have been rocking out to her songs for some time now and I fondly remember her vids on the Nick Jr channel before they modified their format.

  The Minions movie comes out today so I thought I would include this song. Unlike some of the other songs above kids are free to dance however they want or if they want they can just look at the crazy antics of the Minions.

    Kidz Bop cds are another excellent dance party option. They feature kids doing clean cover versions of popular hits. Sometimes they even make videos for their versions of songs as is the case with  Uptown Funk. On the whole I would recommend Kidz Bop videos for older kids who might not want to do Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and that sort of stuff. The Kidz Bop cds come out pretty fast and a major plus for me is that all songs are clean.

There is freeze dance and then there is a Jim Gill freeze dance. I have listened to Dance Anyway You Want To probably about one hundred times and in a variety of settings ranging from story times to read alouds at preschools in the area and I am yet to see this song flop. It is that good.  Try as I might I could not get a good vid of his but any of his many cds would be good for a dance party as he is an incredibly consistent artiste.

That's all for now.  Till next time!

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