Saturday, April 25, 2015

Egg carton crafts

   At my branch we do a craft hour every Saturday. The mandate given to me was that it should be easy enough that young ones can do it with little help from parents or staff and it should have a tie-in with STEM. I usually fulfil the first mandate but the second one is a bit trickier. Recycling is an important concept for kids to grasp early on however and egg carton crafts are a good way to teach this.

Here is the cart with the materials beforehand. If you look closely you will see that I had put two models of the egg carton bugs I had planned for the kids to make that week. The beauty of our process is that when kids come if they find that they want to do something else they can.  We do not put any limits on the creative process.

These are some glasses/minion goggles that one kid made. He used pom-poms for the eyes.

One of the library staff got bored and made the bouquet, the flower garden and the hot air balloon you see below. The highly prized silver shimmery chenille stick was used to make the balloon part of it. For the grass in the last pic she tore a small pom-pom apart and then spread it around the egg carton cup.

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