Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring STEMmy crafts

  Spring is just around the corner. I can feel it despite the fact that we have had record snowfall here in Colorado. So let's take a look at some crafts that we can do in spring. I have been asked to do some sort of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in each of the Saturday craft sessions so below are what I intend to do (or have already done).

Spring is a time when nature is in full bloom. So to celebrate and highlight the changing of the seasons I will do a caterpillar-butterfly craft later this month. I searched long and hard and found some which used the caterpillar and the butterfly. There is this one which uses a paper bag for both the caterpillar and the butterfly

This one you can use a clothes pin or other small wooden article, decorate it with small pom-poms or the like. Next you can place that small piece on top of the butterfly wings which can also be colored with markers etc.

This craft is already one that I can't wait to do with the little ones since it correlates with a book. It teaches shapes, animals and allows kids to use their imagination.  It will involve some prep work since the shapes are small and require some skill with the scissors.

I also decided to tweak this craft somewhat to incorporate Lois Ehlert's Color Zoo. I have long been fascinated by the shapes in this book and the way in which the book is constructed so that the animals change according to the shapes. I provided some models for the little ones to follow. I also left the book in the room for them to flip through.

Finally, engineering and construction do not have to be daunting things. With some toothpicks and marshmallows kids can make some cute little structures. If they wish they can focus simply on shapes. I like how this can be adjusted for different ages and dexterity levels.

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